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    Cookie Policy

    The Trend Shop respects and protects your privacy. Below, we provide important information on how we process your personal data.

    This Cookie Policy describes the processing of data collected through the use of cookies and similar technologies. This policy has been prepared in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and applicable Slovenian legislation.

    About Cookies: What are cookies and why are they necessary?

    A cookie is a small piece of data sent by the website to your browser during your visit. This allows the website to recognize you, remember information about your visit, and provide you with a simple and user-friendly web service. Cookies help us personalize the content of our website, remember your preferences, and track visits to our site. They make navigating our website a pleasant, fast, and, most importantly, more efficient experience.

    Cookies We Use: On our website, we use various categories of cookies divided into four groups:

    • Essential cookies, analytical cookies, functional cookies, and advertising (marketing) cookies. Essential cookies are cookies without which our website could not function. These cookies are automatically placed on your device and cannot be deactivated. Essential cookies cannot identify you and are only there to ensure that the website is displayed correctly.

    • Analytical cookies allow us to perform various statistical analyses on our website. These cookies are used anonymously, meaning they cannot identify you. You can disable the use of these cookies in your browser or through the "Cookie Settings" banner at the bottom of our website.

    • Functional cookies are cookies that enable various functions on our website, such as language settings, retaining content in your shopping cart, etc. These cookies are placed on your device only with your prior consent.

    • Marketing cookies are used to provide personalized advertising services. Using data, these cookies create your profile through which only ads we consider interesting for you will be shown. These cookies are placed on your device only with your prior consent. We would like to warn you that rejecting these cookies will not prevent the website from displaying ads, however, they will no longer be personalized according to your interests.

    In addition to the categories mentioned, we also distinguish between original cookies and third-party cookies that operate on our website.

    Original cookies are cookies that belong to this website, i.e., cookies that were placed on the website by our company or by contracted processors. For more information about our contracted processors, read our Privacy Policy.

    Third-party cookies are cookies placed by other websites that are not the website you are currently viewing, which allows us to use personalized ads. These cookies are used to track your internet use, allowing us to show you relevant ads of interest.

    Editing Cookie Preferences: You can decide whether to allow the storage of cookies on your device.

    You can change the cookie settings at any time in the "Cookie Settings" section at the bottom of the website.

    When visiting our website, only essential cookies and anonymous analytical cookies are automatically placed on your device, while preference and marketing cookies are placed on your device only with your consent.

    How can I give my consent?

    When you visit our website for the first time, a pop-up window will open where you can choose the appropriate cookie settings. If you have already visited our website and confirmed the selected cookies, you can change this setting by clicking on "Cookie Settings" at the bottom of our website. A new pop-up window will open where you can choose the cookie settings.

    We would like to warn you that rejecting the use of cookies will not prevent the website from displaying ads, as the number of ads shown will be equal to the number of ads shown if you accept the cookies. If you reject the acceptance of advertising cookies, only general ads will be shown and not personalized ads according to your wishes and needs.

    You can also control and change the cookie settings in your browser.

    If you change or delete the cookie file from your browser or change/update your browser or device, you may need to disable cookies again. The management of cookies and the deletion process depend on the browser in question. If you need help, you can consult the "User Support" section of your browser.

    You can also disable Google Analytics at

    For more information about cookies, visit

    Purposes of using cookies on our website: On our website, cookies are used for the following purposes:

    • To recognize the visitor on their next visit, retain their product reviews, analyze the website, provide website security, track and preserve the content of your shopping cart (session cookies), cookies to send messages about unfinished purchases, operation of video content, operation of the website's chat function, and Your rights regarding the processing of personal data through cookies In addition to editing your cookie preferences, as described above, you also have the option to exercise your rights regarding the processing of personal data. These rights are detailed in our Privacy Policy.

    If you have any questions or difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us, contact us by email: