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    Terms of Service

    General Terms and Conditions

    Trend Shop respects and protects your privacy. Herein, we provide important information on how we process the General Terms and Conditions. These General Terms and Conditions apply to all permitted activities in the online store available at (hereinafter, "the Website").

    These General Terms and Conditions are binding for all users. We ask you to read them carefully. If you do not agree with any part of these General Terms and Conditions or if you completely disagree with them, you should not use our Website or our services. The General Terms and Conditions constitute a valid contract entered into between you and the Company.

    The owner of the Website will exercise due diligence to ensure that the data presented on the Website are detailed and updated. At the same time, the owner of the Website reserves the right to change the content of the Website or stop supplementing it at any time, without prior notice. In addition, the owner of the Website may also change the services, products, prices, or programs described on this Website at any time and without prior notice.


    The Company operates the online store in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. The online store is available to shoppers at any time, and the Company reserves the right to temporarily disable or suspend it without prior notice.

    The online store may be temporarily out of service, or payments may be temporarily unavailable for reasons of maintenance or updating of the online store. The Company will not be responsible for damages that may occur during the maintenance and/or updating of the online store.


    The sales contract between the Provider and the Buyer is considered concluded when the Buyer confirms the order (the Buyer receives a confirmation email with the status "Order confirmed"). From that moment, prices and all other conditions of purchase are fixed and applicable to both the Provider and the Buyer. The sales contract is stored on the Company's server in electronic format.

    Purchase procedure:

    Step 1: In the offer available in the online store, the Buyer selects the desired item and quantity and confirms their choice by clicking on "Add to Cart". If the buyer wants to purchase several different items, the process must be repeated for each individual item. When the Buyer completes the item selection process, they can continue with the purchase process by clicking on "Checkout".

    Step 2: At this step, the Buyer fills out the form with the personal data necessary for the delivery of the order. After completing the form, the Buyer can, in some cases, choose between various possible delivery options and add other products or services to their order. At this step, the Buyer is also informed of the estimated delivery date. Before finalizing the order, the Buyer has the option to choose between various payment methods. Depending on the choice made, the total amount to be paid is recalculated before completing the purchase. The Buyer confirms the purchase process by clicking on "Complete Purchase".

    After completing the purchase, the Website displays a confirmation message to the Buyer indicating that the order has been sent successfully and includes the order details. Additionally, the Buyer also receives a confirmation email at the email address provided in Step 2, which contains an overview of the order, instructions for using the ordered products, and instructions for collecting the order or submitting complaints if the Buyer is not satisfied with the product or no longer wants it. All the information you provide us when submitting your order will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy published here.

    You are informed that the total amount of the purchase, including shipping costs or other costs related to the purchase, will be charged after your order is confirmed. We will inform you about any additional costs before sending your order. Possible additional costs may be related to the selected payment method.



    All prices listed on the Website are in EUR and include VAT. The prices are applicable from the moment the order is placed. The offer is valid until cancelled.

    NOTICE: this is an online retail store exclusively for end customers (B2C). For this reason, we do not allow B2B sales on this Website, nor do we offer the option to issue invoices to legal entities. This also means that no subsequent invoice corrections (from individuals to legal entities) are allowed, as the sales transaction is concluded exclusively with an individual.

    If you wish to establish a B2B relationship with our company and purchase large quantities of our products (full packaging/ complete box with a minimum purchase value of 5000 EUR + VAT), you can contact our wholesale store via email:

    Payment Methods

    You can use the following payment methods in our online store:

    Payment upon delivery: in cash or by credit card; the Buyer can pay the invoice to the carrier delivering the goods at the Buyer's address. Payment by credit card. Payment via PayPal. The Company reserves the right to verify the selected payment method through authentication means. Furthermore, we also reserve the right to examine the selected payment method more closely by asking you to send us proof of payment